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About Us

Trinity Paranormal Investigations of Long Island (TPILI) was founded in the winter of 2017 by Katrina and Phil. The group met by chance through mutual friends. Soon thereafter Martha showed interest in joining the team.

Each member of Trinity Paranormal Investigations brings a certain ability to the team. They are as follows;

Phil – Lead Investigator / Technician / Interviewer /  Audio, Video, Photography Specialist -  Phil is responsible for all things pertaining to audio, video, photos and is in charge of all social media site development. He reviews and compiles the evidence after each investigation as well as updating our online presence. Phil brings to the team over two years of Paranormal research experience and hundreds of countless hours of  EVP, Photo & Video evidence. 

Katrina -  Investigator / Interviewer / Technician / Lead Cleanser / Sensitive / Historian / Job Seeker - Since she could speak as a child, she would have premonitions that would often turn out to be something that occurred or something that was going to. At a very young age, she was experiencing apparitions, noises, had seen objects move and has the ability to sense the difference between dark (unclean) & light (clean) spirits even knowing when they are present or they have left. Her

mother had her tested at the young age of 5 and she was labeled, a “Sensitive”. Frustrated, as a teen, she began studying through Christian methodologies, how to address these matters. She often knows instinctively when she is around another sensitive. Part of her gift is that she feels other energy and this is what led her to get involved as a co-founder of Trinity.

It troubles her to know that there are either spirits that are trapped or people living in fear or frustration,

especially children, as she lived through it herself! She also leads in case interviews and Cleansings.

Martha -  Investigator / Interviewer / 2nd Cleanser 

Chris -  Investigator / Lead Equipment Technician / Interviewer

Courtney - Social Media Moderator


Our goals are to:

  • Investigate hauntings. We first try to debunk them. If they cannot be debunked we then try to validate them.

  • Helping people understand and cope with paranormal activity by performing private investigations of homes and commercial locations where paranormal activity has been observed or suggested.


While performing investigations we tend to lean towards a scientific approach. The equipment that we use during an investigation is as follows;

Voice recorders – Cameras – EMF Meters – Video Recorders – Spirit Box – Walkie Talkies, Etc..


“The TPILI Process”


Step 1: Initial Interview

If Trinity Paranormal Investigations of Long Island accepts your request for an investigation the first step is to perform an initial interview with you and any other persons involved (such as other family members, whether or not they too have experienced the paranormal activity). The interview is best conducted at the location to be investigated. A small TPILI team consisting of a Lead Investigator, Historian Researcher, a Technical Specialist and possibly other investigators will be part of this initial interview.

If you have any documentation of paranormal activities (pictures, sound or video recordings, physical evidence, etc) please have them available for us to review. We may ask to bring back the documentation for the team to review to help determine what activity could be taking place and to help plan the investigation. Please have copies available if possible. Please note that TPILI will arrive in unmarked vehicles.

Step 2: Review Interview

After the initial interview, the information gathered will be reviewed by the entire Trinity Paranormal Investigations of Long Island team. If we determine a full paranormal investigation is warranted we will contact you again to arrange a time for the investigation that is convenient for you as well as us. TPILI reserves the right to decline, cancel or abort an investigation at any time for any reason.

While we know that events in life can come up unexpectedly, please make every effort to be able to keep the investigation appointment. In agreeing to perform an investigation Trinity Paranormal Investigations of Long Island has to schedule personnel and equipment that can be difficult to reschedule. Please make every effort to keep the investigation appointment and, if unable to keep the appointment, please notify TPILI as soon as possible.

Step 3: The Investigation

In most cases, our paranormal investigation will be performed at night with all the lights out. TPILI will bring our own equipment including cameras, video and audio recorders, electronic sensors, and lighting. When the investigation team arrives we will conduct an initial scan of the area(s). The team will also inquire if anything new has occurred or changed since our last discussion with you. We will then place our equipment out.

This may include running wires for video and audio throughout the location, setting up cameras and recorders at various locations, and placing sensors in the area(s) in question.

The investigation itself will usually run a few hours depending on the size of the location. Please keep in mind that the time of activity, which is usually between Midnight and 3:00 AM is a big factor in conducting an investigation. These would be the times that you would need to be available for TPILI. During the investigation, we ask that a very few number of people be at the location and remain quiet in a single spot. People moving around can cause sound and other disturbances that can adversely affect our equipment or possibly cause false readings to be recorded. Also, if there are any free-roaming pets (e.g. dogs, cats, etc) please confine them to a single place, preferably outside of the home during the investigation.

At the end of the investigation, TPILI will dismantle our equipment and depart as quietly as possible.

Step 4: Evidence Review and Analysis

TPILI  will review and analyze the evidence the team had gathered during the investigation. This process can take anywhere from several hours to a week or more depending on the amount of evidence collected as well as the current caseload & schedule.

During the review and analysis, you may be contacted for additional questions for clarification.

Step 5: Presentation of Our Findings

When we have completed our review and analysis, TPILI will contact you to arrange a time to meet where the results of the investigation can be presented. Any photographs, video, audio, sensor readings, and personal experiences gathered during the investigation that may show paranormal activity will be presented to you. A written report with our findings and conclusions will also be provided to you.

After we have concluded our investigation and presented the evidence we collected, if you have any further questions or would like a follow-up, please contact us at your convenience. 


We service Residential as well as Commercial locations. 

There will NEVER be a fee for our services.

DONATIONS Gladly Accepted! 






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